Are you a qualified psychology professional who uses Psytech assessments? Do you require accreditation that you are a competent user of Psytech assessments? In order for us to do this, we have to assess your competence. We are currently working on an online system to enable us to do this, via our e-learning website.


The assessment will consist of two parts:

- The knowledge assessment 

Firstly, users will complete an online knowledge test on the measure on which they wish to receive an accreditation certificate. This test is open-book, because when you are doing assessments you should have access to the technical manuals and other documentation about the test. The idea is that the test should be a learning experience in itself. The test will contain mostly multiple-choice questions, but also some open-ended questions. In order to proceed to the second part of the assessment, the applicant needs to obtain 70% on this assessment.


- the practical assignment 

The second part of this assessment will consist a practical assignment. The test user who wishes to be certified needs to upload three case studies. For each case study the following needs to be submitted:

  • A description of the role or scenario for which the assessment is done.
  • Biographical information of the person being assessed (anonymised)
  • The original computer-generated reports (Anonymised), and other test results if used.
  • The interview notes.
  • The final integrated report including which takes the role requirements, test results and interview data into account.

The reports will then be discussed via a webinar or skype conversation and based on the feedback, a certificate of competence will be issued, which will be valid for three years.


As an assessment publisher, our main focus is on the development of tools, training of qualified professionals and upholding assessment standards set out by the HPCSA. To this end, we have compiled a list of qualified professionals to assist with psychometric assessment needs. Have an assessment query, or are you looking for someone to complete assessments, please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


As we are passionate about the ethical conduct of assessment processes, when we refer assessment services to one of our affiliated associates, we follow up to determine whether the client is satisfied with the service that was offered.