Clients who have had dealings with Psytech Cape, and then for some reason need to use certain services of Psytech South Africa, sometimes seem baffled by the fact that Psytech SA does not seem to know about them, and require them to apply for account facilities or be treated as a cash client. We are sorry if this makes you feel unwelcome, we assure you your business is truly valued. The fact is, Psytech SA and Psytech Cape are separate entities. The two companies have an agreement that Psytech Cape will support clients in a given area. But in terms of the size and scope of the operations, there is a huge difference. Babette is a director of Psytech Cape, and we realise she gives her clients outstanding service. She also reaps the benefits directly. Psytech SA's consultants are employees, and we have to respect their rights under the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. Thus, if you send in a request for a quote at 22h30 to Psytech SA, and you haven't received a response when business opens the next day (and you are used to that speed of response from Psytech Cape), we are sorry. Babette is hyper-efficient, we know. But we serve over 1000 clients at Psytech SA and hence there has to be some red tape, simply because we can't know everybody personally. We don't like it either, but it is a symptom of the different scales at which the two companies operate.

In testing the website, particularly in trying to see whether the uploaded files display correctly in different computers and different browsers, we have found that pdf files, particularly the ones created with Microsoft Word's "save as pdf" feature, do not display the same way on all computers. This can apparently happen even if the different computers are running the same version of Adobe Reader. Graphs and tables are affected more than ordinary text. Well, it so happens that the Psytech reports contain graphs and tables. We have found a workaround, and that is to create the pdf file with Cutepdf writer rather than saving it to pdf using Word. It also seems that pdf files that look strange after having been saved from Word, display correctly in Cutepdf Pro and not in Adobe Reader. We can only conclude that there is some incompatibility between Adobe Reader and the pdf files saved by Microsoft Word. We mention this, because as a service provider you may want to save your reports in pdf format to prevent people being able to modify them easily. However, be aware that if a client wants to view them in Adobe Reader, they may not look as you intended. The solution for us seems to be to install Cutepdf Writer on your computer as a printer driver (it is free) and to print the documents to pdf using that. These files seem to display correctly even in Adobe Reader. We hope this solution will work consistently.