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Since the first of August 2014, it is compulsory to use classified and certified tests to assess people in Industry. Very few test publishers are able to furnish their clients with tests that are classified and certified. If legal compliance is a concern for you, we can help you to meet your assessment needs and be legally compliant

  • The test classification process has been active since 2002

Psytech SA did not delay submitting its tests for classification. As soon as we became aware of the process and the classification requirements, we started submitting our tests. When we got feedback that there were improvements to be made, we implemented those and submitted again. Therefore, we do not now need to complain that there isn't a process, or that the requirements are not clear.

  • We have collaborated with the Health Professions Council in order to have our tests classified

Having tests classified and evaluated is an onerous and costly process. We realised that we needed to get started as early as possible, and spread the cost of the classification over a period of time.  We did not make excuses or question the mandate of the regulating authority to evaluate our tests. Therefore, we are not now in the embarrassing position of being stuck with a large catalogue of hundreds of tests that need to be classified all at once. We do not have to apologise for taking people's money for tests and accreditation training, only for them to find that the tests can't be used in industry.

  • All test publishers knew what needed to be done

There was no secret about it. Psytech SA chose to be compliant in order to protect our users and the general public that are subjected to tests. We don't need to make excuses, ask for delays, or to put a spin on the situation.

  • Simply put, it is the law. No excuses

If it is important for your organisation to operate within legal parameters, to obtain a clear Employment Equity Audit and avoid industrial action around assessment practices, you can speak to us with confidence.


Be legally compliant now

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Assessment technology, training and consulting

Psytech South Africa is proud to be the distributor for Psytech International psychometric products in Southern Africa. The products we supply locally are supported by extensive international and local research and development. It is really important for us to provide assessment products that are suitable for the South African environment.

We are mindful that psychological assessments are strictly controlled in South Africa, and that there are valid reasons for this. We only supply psychological tests to persons who are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. It is our aim to support psychological assessment practices that are rooted in scientific research, but also delivered with professional skill and empathy. We believe that the human rights of the persons who are being assessed should be protected.

Research and client support are important to us, and of course this contributes to our overheads. However, we realise that good assessment technology must be affordable, to corporate clients and private practitioners alike. We aim to be consultant-friendly. If you are a newly registered psychology professional, speak to us about getting started in your practice with Psytech products. You will be surprised how much more affordable Psytech products are compared to the alternatives.


We stand for value in assessment.

And by that, we do not only mean money. We mean that we value people, and also that the information obtained from our assessments will contribute to your value chain in a very positive way.

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