Referrals for Assessment services

As an assessment publisher, our main focus is on the development of tools, training of qualified professionals and upholding assessment standards set out by the HPCSA. To this end, we have compiled a list of qualified professionals to assist with psychometric assessment needs. Have an assessment query, or are you looking for someone to complete assessments, please get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ethics and best practice

Sometimes we encounter situations where we are not sure how to proceed ethically. In such a case, our professional code of conduct recommends that we should consult with an experienced colleague to discuss the matter and try to clarify it. Nanette Tredoux has offered such mentoring to psychologists and psychometrists in all stages of their careers, and also to clients and associates of psychologists who have needed guidance. This is a service for which we do not charge unless it becomes unusually burdensome.


We have powerful statistical software at our disposal, and a lot of experience in writing up research. Please talk to us about your research design before you undertake data collection, this can avoid costly and difficult mistakes that sometimes only emerge at a later stage.

Development related consulting

Psytech can offer development-related consulting in different ways:

  • Practitioner development
  • Policy development
  • Developing new assessment technology