Development related consulting

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Psytech can offer development-related consulting in different ways:

  • Practitioner development
  • Policy development
  • Developing new assessment technology

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Practitioner development

Whether you are a new practitioner in a corporate environment, or whether you are just starting a private practice, speak to us about developing the assessment skills and other professional skills necessary to help you grow as a professional.

It is important for us that you should succeed as an assessment practitioner, and that your should feel confident using our measures in the most professional, responsible way.

Policy development

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Does your organisation have an assessment policy?

  • Is your current assessment policy still up to date and in line with the existing regulations?
  • Do you need us to do a compliance audit on your assessment practices?
  • Do you need assistance with the development of any other organisational policies where our research expertise and knowledge of human behaviour can be helpful?
  • Do you need to gather evidence-based information prior to formulating a policy?

Consult with us, it will be worth your while.

Developing new assessment technology

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Sometimes it is not a person, team or organisation that needs to be developed. The target of development consulting can also be processes, techniques, software, training materials, assessment instruments, questionnaires, etc. In such a case, we can propose and quote in two ways:

The first option is where the client owns the intellectual property at the end of the project. Such development work is done at our premium consulting rate.

The second option is where the client pays to expedite and prioritise the development of particular technology, but Psytech still owns the intellectual property on completion, and may market the product to other clients. When we can agree that this is a suitable course of action, we can do the development on a much more affordable basis.