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Abstract Reasoning Test (ART)


Abstract reasoningThe Abstract Reasoning Test is currently being prepared for classification by the HPCSA.


It is a fairly challenging non-verbal reasoning test, with items of a matrix-completion type format. It is suitable for respondents who have at least a grade 12 level of education. It is intended to complement the Critical Reasoning Test Battery.


We are currently looking for further research opportunities relating to the bias and fairness of this test, as well as predictive validity studies.


Administration time: 30 minutes





Support documents for the ART


Factsheet128.91 KB

Example report 39.68 KB

Technical manual117.5 KB

Norm groups for the ART


N1 ART SA Aggregate Population 2017

N2 ART SA Afrikaans 2017

N3 ART SA English 2017

N4 ART SA Indigenous 2017

N5 ART SA isiZulu 2017

N6 ART SA Sepedi 2017

N7 ART SA Sesotho 2017

N8 ART SA Setswana 2017

Reliabilities for the ART


R1 ART SA Aggregate Population 2017

R2 ART Afrikaans 2017

R3 ART English 2017

R4 ART SA Indigenous Language 2017

R5 ART SA isiZulu 2017

R6 ART SA Sepedi 2017

R7 ART SA Sesotho 2017

R8 ART SA Setswana 2017