Graduate Reasoning Test Battery (GRT1)

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The Graduate Reasoning Test Battery is intended for selection of persons for specialised positions that are particularly intellectually demanding and demand high level training and education. As with the General Reasoning Test Battery, it assesses Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning, but at a considerably higher level of difficulty.


Reference documents for the Graduate reasoning test battery

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Classification certificate

GRT1 Technical manual

GRT1 Factsheet


GRT1 Example Reports

GRT1 Feedback report

GRT1 Standard report

xlsxGRT1 Group results summary spreadsheet

Selected norm tables for the Graduate Reasoning Test Battery

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GRT1 Combined Group updated 2010

GRT1 SA African updated 2010

SA Coloured updated 2010

SA European updated 2010

SA Asian updated 2010

GRT1 SA English 2010

GRT1 SA Afrikaans 2010

GRT1 SA Indigenous languages 2010