Occupational Personality Profile (OPPro)

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The Occupational Personality Profile measures nine personality dimensions and has 98 items. The language in the South African version was specially simplified based on South African research. Normally this questionnaire takes between 20 minutes and half an hour to complete, yet the reports that are generated based on the scores are comprehensive. The extended report covers interpersonal styles, thinking styles, coping styles, leadership styles, subordinate styles , team types and influencing styles. There is also an interview prompts report which generates suggested interview questiona based on an individual's profile. This is very helpful for users who are still familiarising themselves with the questionnaire. GeneSys for Windows also allows the user to generate a profile match report, comparing the individual's measured scores to the desired scores for the role under consideration.

Please note: The Occupational Personality Profile was previously abbreviated as the OPP. Psytech has chosen to change this abbreviation to OPPro, to avoid confusion with the abbreviation used by a competitor. No changes have been made to the questionnaire.


Reference documents for the OPPro

OPPro Classification certificate

OPPro Technical manual

OPP Factsheet



Example Reports


The following reports are available on GeneSysOnline for the Occupational Personality Profile.



OPPro Extended report

OPPro Feedback report

OPPro Derived Dimensions report

OPPro Profiles report

OPPro Standard report

OPPro Question Prompts report

OPPro Ideal Profile report

OPP Group results summary

OPP Ideal Profile Results Spreadsheet.



Selected norm groups for the Occupational Personality Profile

OPProNormpdfSA General Population updated 2010

SA European updated 2010

SA African updated 2010

SA Coloured updated 2010

SA Asian Updated 2010

SA English Updated 2010

SA Afrikaans updated 2010

SA Indigenous languages updated 2010

SA Aggregate population 2019

SA English speakers 2019

SA Afrikaans speakers 2019

SA isiZulu speakers 2019

SA isiXhosa speakers 2019

SA Setswana speakers 2019

SA Sepedi speakers 2019

SA Sesotho speakers 2019 

SA Tshivenda speakers 2019

SA Xitsonga speakers 2019

SA Indigenous language speakers 2019

SA isiNdebele language speakers 2019

SA siSwati language speakers 2019



Selected Reliability studies for the Occupational Personality Profile


OPPro SA General Population updated 2011

OPPro SA English updated 2011

OPPro SA Afrikaans updated 2011

OPPro SA Indigenous updated 2011

OPPro SA African updated 2011

OPPro SA European updated 2011

OPPro SA Asian updated 2011

OPPro SA Coloured updated 2011

OPPro SA Aggregate population reliability 2019

OPPro SA Afrikaans reliability 2019

OPPro SA English reliability 2019

OPPro SA Indigenous languages reliability 2019

OPPro SA IsiZulu reliability 2019 

OPPro SA isiXhosa reliability 2019

OPPro SA Setswana reliability 2019

OPPro SA Sepedi reliability 2019

OPPro SA Sesotho reliability 2019

OPPro SA siSwati reliability 2019

OPPro SA Tshivenda reliability 2019

OPPro SA Xitsonga reliability 2019

OPPro SA isiNdebele reliability 2019