Nanette Tredoux

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Psychologist - Director of Psytech SA and Psytech Cape




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Miscellaneous information:

Nanette Tredoux is registered as a psychologist in the categories Research, Counselling and Industrial. She is director of Psytech South Africa and Psytech Cape. She has over 30 years experience in the field of psychometrics assessment and was one of the pioneers of computerised testing in South Africa. Nanette is also active in organised psychology and has served on the professional board for psychology since 2004.


Nanette's special interests are the mentoring of interns and other young psychology professionals, especially the instilling of research-based, legally compliant and ethical best practice in the users of psychometric tests. She feels strongly that psychometric tests should only be used by registered professionals who are trained in the field, know the risks and pitfalls and can be held ethically accountable to a controlling body. To this end she has championed the cause of psychometrists against organisations that promote the use of unregistered persons to administer tests. Nanette can consult in both English and Afrikaans.

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