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Registered Counsellors

The training of registered counsellors

Like psychometrists, registered counsellors are mid-level psychology professionals. To qualify for registration, they must complete an accredited B Psych degree that includes a six month internship. The B Psych degree is different from an academic Honours degree although they take a similar length of time to complete. B Psych degrees are specially approved for the training of registered counsellors and they are inspected on a regular basis. Places are limited, and only a small proportion of applicants are admitted to the courses. On completion of the degree and internship, the candidate has to pass the national examination for psychometrists before they may register and practice.

What registered counsellors do

Registered counsellors focus on basic psychological screening and short term, supportive, compensatory and routine psychological counselling interventions. They must refer persons who require more sophisticaled or advanced psychological assessment or treatment to the appropriate professionals.

They may do some psychological assessments excluding projective, neuro-psychological and diagnostic tests (A list of tests has been approved for their use)