Registered psychology professionals - Reasons to use a registered professional

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 Why should I use a registered psychology professional?

There are many unregistered people out there who will offer to do things for you that, by law, should only be done by a registered psychology professional. Some will expect you to complete a quick test or questionnaire which they may call an "indicator" or an "inventory". Besides the fact that it is against the law for such people to perform actions that are reserved for the profession of psychology, there are other good reasons to use only registered professionals:

  • They are properly trained to do what they do.
  • They have demonstrated their commitment to being properly trained by studying for years, completing an internship, and writing a national examination.
  • They have to adhere to an ethical code that is aimed at protecting you - the client. This ethical code protects your confidentiality, and protects you against overcharging and overservicing.
  • They are answerable to a controlling body - the Health Professions Council of South Africa - with regard to their professional conduct.

It is in your interest to use registered psychology professionals.