Who may test me? - Intellectual abilities and aptitudes

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Intellectual abilities and aptitudes:

Intellectual ability tests measure how you think, solve problems and learn. Some are called "Intelligence tests". Aptitude tests are interested in how easily you can learn to do specific things, rather than your ability to learn and solve problems in general.

Some ability tests questions relate to language, other relate to numbers, and some present the questions in the form of shapes and diagrams. Some are called "reasoning tests" - such as verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, or any type of reasoning. If the test requires you to figure out a problem for yourself and not rely on things you already know, it is probably a reasoning test. You may also be required to solve problems by manipulating blocks or puzzle pieces. Tests can be completed on computer, using pencil and paper, individually or in groups.

These tests are reserved by law for psychology professionals because they measure what is called "cognitive structure" and "cognitive functioning".