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The GeneSys Assessment Software for Windows is a comprehensive software system for test administration, scoring of pencil and paper answer sheets, report generation, data management and matching respondents to ideal profiles. This is a software package that you purchase and install on your own computer. The system enables users to set up any number of stand-alone testing stations, and generate reports on one computer. Thus you can set up a whole testing facility for the price of one system.


Please note: Sale of this system has been discontinued.

Psytech South Africa can no longer sell additional dongles for GeneSys for Windows systems.

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With the dawn of Microsoft Windows 10, it is important to reiterate the implications that it will have on your GeneSys Desktop system when upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 or 10. This WILL NOT impact on our GeneSys Online users, however GeneSys Desktop users will be affected should you choose to upgrade your companies computers to Windows 8 or 10. Please CLICK the link below for further information.

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